Who am I?

Who am I? Am I really the same person a year ago? Are my perceptions changed about people? Don’t I look the world like other people use to see it? Who am I really? A student, a writer? I might. It’s kind of puzzling. Why I find my perceptions being changed for people whom I find very cool a year ago? Who am I when there is nobody to impress?

From my endless talk you might think, I am the most talkative person, or from my level of humor (which most of you don’t get) you might think my talks are very big. Or from my silence (those who don’t know me), you might think I am shy or the meanest or the coldest guy alive. I am none of those!!

Then who am I? Why am I even writing this? Am I writing this for me or for some other person, with hope, s/he will read this someday. Okay! I wrote for you and for me. I’m not writing this to exaggerate my feelings and I’m never been that sort of person. Am I really not seeing the forest for the trees? 

PS: Waiting for Feedback. Thankyou!!


  1. you mentioned endless talks.I have been in touch with you for like a year. I never found you talkative.Are you really a talkative?

    1. It's depends upon you how you think! Thank you for reading my Blog. :-)

  2. "Who am I?" is the most intense question YOU as an individual face in your life. If you don't know who you are, then there is no point of your existence.

    I am glad that you chose this topic to share your views.

  3. Ppl become that person what he thinks about himself

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